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01/15/2018 23:30Russia Set To Vote on Legalizing Cryptocurrency Trading On Official Exchanges    ( Newsweek )
russia cryptoruble cryptocurrency bitcoin Bitcoin cryptocurrency souvenir coins at the 2017 Atlases Russian Business Forum at the Crocus City Hall, October 6, 2017. Artyom KorotayevTASS via Getty Images. Also on Thursday, the Bank of Russia confirmed that it had discussed with the Finance Ministry ...
01/10/2018 15:45Mysterious bright flash and 'ground shaking explosion' over Russia sparks fears of a US missile ...    (International Business Times UK)
Mystery explosion turned 'night into day' over Russia - International Business Times UK
11/18/2017 02:45Tatarstan 4.0: Artyom Zdunov decided to start digitalisation of the republic's economy with Zakamye    ( Realnoe vremya )
We also heard that export and new foreign markets were ''the only solution for unlimited growth of Russian manufacturers and the economy'' and tried ...
10/19/2017 15:15Sviyazhsk multimodal complex to have Turkish foreign management?    ( Realnoe vremya )
Meanwhile, the ministry of economic development of Russia has not ... complex was revealed by Minister of Economy of Tatarstan Artyom Zdunov at a ...
10/17/2017 14:50Russia Plans 'CryptoRuble' Cryptocurrency: 'If We Don't Do it, Europe Will'    ( Newsweek )
Bitcoin cryptocurrency souvenir coins at the 2017 Atlases Russian Business Forum at the Crocus City Hall, October 6, 2017. Artyom KorotayevTASS ...
09/20/2017 00:45How the Russian oil has kept North Korea's national economy in one place    ( StĐžck NĐľws USА )
The Russian energy source plays a much significant role than we all ... says Artyom Lukin of the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia.
08/24/2017 17:30How Russia may benefit from North Korean sanctions    ( Asia Times )
That may create a supply shortfall in the Asia-Pacific market that Russia is ready to fill. ... them,”Artyom Lukin, associate professor of International Relations at the Far Eastern ... “In this sense, Russia could benefit from the sanctions.
08/12/2017 21:55New rain-inducing technique developed by Russian hi-tech firm    ( TASS )
Rain-inducing techniques can also be used by farming companies to irrigate drylands," said Artyom Muranov, marketing director at the Research ...
07/30/2017 20:05How some Russian oligarchs got unbelievably rich, in unbelievable ways    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
They were pioneers. Artyom Tarasov, the first officially declared millionaire in the Soviet Union, passed away on July 23 at 67. The businessman said ...
07/04/2017 13:20Reaping The Harvest: Siberian Prison Channels Millions To Local Lawmaker's Firms    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
A gray, urban prison on the edge of Russia's third-largest city with virtually no ... Popovtsev's close business ties to IK-2 have been facilitated by Artyom ...
12/06/2016 13:35Foreign Hackers Rob $31.3 Million from Russian Central Bank through Cyber Attack    ( Technowize )
An official from the Russian Central Bank, Artyom Sychyov, said that the foreign hackers had attempted to steal about 5 million rubles, which equals to ...
12/04/2016 21:30Russian Central Bank Says Hackers Stole $31 Million; FSB Warns Of Plot    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
Russia's Central Bank said hackers stole more than $31 million from ... Central Bank official Artyom Sychyov revealed the losses at a briefing in ...
12/04/2016 13:10Hackers plunder Russian central bank for millions    ( Taipei Times )
Bank of Russia official Artyom Sychyov discussed the losses at a briefing, saying that the hackers had attempted to steal about 5 billion rubles.
12/03/2016 21:30Foreign intel agencies to launch massive cyberattacks on Russian financial system – FSB    ( RT )
Chief Deputy of the Security Control and Data Protection department at Russia's Central Bank, Artyom Sychev, says their security experts are aware of ...
12/03/2016 21:30Russian central bank loses $31 million in cyber attack    ( Reuters )
Central bank official Artyom Sychyov discussed the losses at a briefing, ... Separately, Russia said on Friday that it had uncovered a plot by foreign spy ...
12/03/2016 13:30Russia central bank: Hackers stole over $31 million from correspondent accounts    ( Business Insider )
... ($31.3 million) from banks' correspondent accounts in Russian central bank, the central bank official Artyom Sychyov told a briefing on Friday.
10/21/2016 20:45Russia's stake in Korea: How US-backed unification could work for Moscow    ( World Tribune )
That's a question that a long-time friend, Rensselaer Lee, with whom I've been in touch since college days, weighs with a Russian economist, Artyom ...
10/15/2016 00:05Russian company offers modern bulletproof vests for Armenian army    ( )
“We produce modern bulletproof vests, which I can say are among the best not only in Russia, but throughout the world”, Artyom Konechkov said.
06/18/2016 19:402016 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum    ( RT )
The forum is initially a space for companies that already have a business relationship in Russia, said VTB CEO Andrey Kostin. “They cannot ignore ...
06/17/2016 21:00Juncker on Russia-EU relations: 'We must keep the door open'    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
... Economic Forum at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 16, 2016. Source: Artyom Korotayev/TASS.


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