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04/03/2018 06:05Russia, North Korea considering construction of second bridge    ( Realnoe vremya )
For example, in December, new multilateral sanctions limited a number of North Koreans workers in Russia and other countries. High political risks will also hamper funding of the bridge project. ''The North Koreans will expect Russia to provide the funding,'' said Artyom Lukin, a professor of international ...
03/26/2018 06:45'Large number' of European Union countries plan more Russian Federation action    ( ClickLancashire )
Artyom Kozhin, a spokesman for Russia's Foreign Ministry, told a televised briefing Friday afternoon that officials there have not been approached by other countries about potential expulsions. A bus reportedly carrying British diplomats expelled by Russian Federation leave the U.K. Embassy in Moscow ...
03/26/2018 06:45Russia wants to build another bridge to North Korea, so trade doesn't have to go through China    ( South China Morning Post )
Last year, a Russian firm gave North Korea a new internet connection, apparently running fibre-optic lines over the railway bridge. Now the Russian state is planning a new bridge. “Sooner or later North Korea should come out of isolation,” said Artyom Lukin, a professor of international politics at the Far ...
03/26/2018 06:45Russia wants to build a bridge to North Korea, with eye on future trading beyond sanctions    ( The Straits Times )
Professor of international politics Artyom Lukin at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia said it was clear that trade between Russia's far east and North Korea has been hit considerably in the past two years. He said that the railway bridge had once been important for transporting ...
03/26/2018 01:50Russia and North Korea ponder second bridge on 11-mile border    ( Seattle Times )
Artyom Lukin, a professor of international politics at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia, said the railway bridge had once been important for transporting Siberian coal to the North Korean port of Rajin in the city of Rason, where Moscow owns a terminal. “From this terminal, the coal ...
03/25/2018 09:40UPDATE: Russian official says Britain hiding lack of proof    (Metro Newspaper UK)
EU is 'anti-Russia', says Kremlin — as 'coordinated measures' against country are pledged - Metro Newspaper UK
03/25/2018 09:40Russia wants to build a bridge to North Korea. Literally.    ( Washington Post )
Artyom Lukin, a professor of international politics at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia, said it was clear that trade between Russia's far east and North Korea has been hit considerably in the past two years. He said that the railway bridge had once been important for transporting ...
03/20/2018 18:00'Vote rigging' fears amid Putin landslide poll win    (Metro Newspaper UK)
Putin wins election (but there's only ever one result in Russia) - Metro Newspaper UK
03/09/2018 01:40INSIGHT: Don't be fooled by Russia's 2017 success story – airline experts    ( )
“During the last days of the Soviet Union, passenger traffic on domestic routes inside the Russian republic was 1.5 times greater than it is now. It is comforting to know that there are airlines in Russia which are betting on the positive development of their domestic route networks.” By Artyom Korenyako.
02/14/2018 01:40Levels in Metro Exodus are Larger Than Metro 2033 and Last Light Combined    ( PlayStation LifeStyle )
But now, as Artyom, you must flee the Metro and lead a band of Spartan Rangers on an incredible, continent-spanning journey across post-apocalyptic Russia in search of a new life in the East. Metro Exodus is an epic, story-driven first-person shooter from 4A Games that blends deadly combat and ...
02/13/2018 16:55'Always wanted to be a pilot': Family & friends of Russian plane crash victims speak to RT    ( RT )
Artyom, the friend of Sergey, a pilot killed in the crash, said his friend had “always wanted to be a pilot” and “loved everything related to flying.” Elena, the wife of one of the crash victims, tearfully told RT about her husband. “We haven't seen him for three months because he was working. Now we won't ...
02/10/2018 17:05Metro Exodus is making some massive changes to the series    ( Critical Hit )
Going mobile and exploring the Russian countryside, Metro Exodus represents a big change for the series. How big? So big that several ... Artyom and his wife Anna will find themselves exploring larger environments and fighting dangerous new factions that have also survived. Metro Exodus is not an ...
02/10/2018 04:00Putin's Silk Road gamble    ( Washington Post )
Artyom Lukin is a professor of international politics at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia. VLADIVOSTOK, Russia — In September 2013, when Chinese President Xi Jinping rolled out the concept of the Silk Road Economic Belt, Moscow reacted with apprehension. The Kremlin was ...
02/07/2018 23:45Carter Page offers explanation for claiming he was 'informal adviser' to Russia    ( Toronto Star )
Page sat with Laura Ingraham on Monday night for his first interview since the release of the Nunes memo, and Ingraham pressed him on a Time magazine story over the weekend about how he had claimed in 2013 to be an “informal adviser” to the Russian government. In the 2013 letter to an academic ...
02/06/2018 08:55CAS cancelled the ''sentence'' of Russian athletes    ( Realnoe vremya )
The fact that almost 40 Russian athletes besides Viktor Ahn and Anton Shipulin were imposed a lifetime Olympic ban took a back seat behind the noisy ... Aleksey Negodailo, Olga Stulneva, Lyudmila Udobkina, luger Albert Demchenko, speed skater Artyom Kuznetsov and other athletes are among the ...
02/03/2018 00:30The sketchy past of the man at the center of the Republicans' memo obsession    ( ThinkProgress )
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - DECEMBER 12, 2016: Carter Page, Global Energy Capital LLC Managing Partner and a former foreign policy adviser to U.S. ... CREDIT: Artyom Korotayev/TASS ... In 2013, Page met repeatedly with Victor Podobnyy, who was posing as “a junior attaché at the Russian consulate.
01/31/2018 23:35Russia-sponsored Syria meeting starts in Sochi    ( Fox News )
Earlier Tuesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Artyom Kozhin confirmed earlier reports of some members of the rebel groups returning to the airport in protest. Last week, U.N.-sponsored talks in Vienna, Austria, ended as in many previous rounds with accusations hurled back and forth to the ...
01/31/2018 08:00Metro Exodus Script is Bigger Than 2033 and Last Light Combined    ( Game Rant )
A trailer released at The Game Awards 2017 showing Artyom in the frozen wasteland of Russia facing, among other dangers, a pack of terrifying, mutated hounds. All of these new additions may contribute to the larger script size, yet there is another factor: choice. Metro Exodus includes a day/night cycle ...
01/31/2018 08:00Rocky start for Syria talks in Russia as some delegates refuse to leave airport    (Daily Mail)
Russia's showpiece Syria congress opens despite last-minute setbacks - Daily Mail
01/02/2018 15:15Russian teenage girl dies after having sex in garage    ( News Pakistan )
When Artyom tried to leave the car after having sex, he felt unwell and eventually they both passed out. When he came back to his senses, he left the garage while Alena still lay unconscious in the car. Artyom rushed to his relatives to tell them about the entire incidence and they called up the paramedics ...


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